"The club admitted to the tribunal that it repeatedly and intentionally misled the press, public and the fans of Newcastle.”

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What is the most NUFC will achieve under Mike Ashley?


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PR offensive to explain £35m non-investment underway PDF Print E-mail
Written by Hieronymus Merkin   
Thursday, 07 July 2011 18:16

So the PR offensive to explain away the non-investment of most of the Carroll fee is well underway with nearly two months of the transfer window remaining. I hardly know why they bother, since any sane Newcastle fan knew it wouldn't be, and Ashley and Llambias have demonstrated time and again they don't give a flying fuck about what the fans think anyway.

But bother they have, via Pardew, Llambias and the Thomson House club poodle Lee Ryder. First off there's the training ground improvements - how much? They're not saying (but it's a lot). Signing on fees for frees - how much? Er, that's confidential (but, you know, it's a lot). And wages, which have now been shifted out of normal operating costs it seems. A convenient little tweak that one.

And they're prudently saving some for a rainy day in January. How much? They're not telling (but it's a canny bit). It seems a little odd that they're choosing to budget for an emergency in six months time rather than spend on a player or two now who'll make that far less likely but maybe that's just me.

Let's do the maths on the disappearing £35m PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bob Malooga   
Thursday, 07 July 2011 18:13

Since we trousered the £35m what has happened?

For simplicity lets say the loan fees and wages in and out balance, even though there'll be a profit as Ireland never played and was never fit meaning we hardly ever paid owt for him.


Nolan's transfer fee £3.5m


Cabaye £4.5m
Ba £3m
Marveaux £3m
Abeid £1m

Obviousy we're guessing at the majority of the above as it still hasn't been confirmed if Ba was a free, did he have a clause and fee in his contract, what? But as Llambias has gone on record stating Mike Ashley will not be held to ransom by agents and we feature near the bottom of the agent expenditure report that gets released and knowing how the two operate, I can't see the above being too far wrong can you?

Llambias talking yet more nonsense PDF Print E-mail
Written by Teek Muglips   
Tuesday, 05 July 2011 21:31

Following on from yesterday's Pardew interview which left us with plenty of concerning questions itself, Llambias has now come out and said:

“We have acted early and we have got the players we wanted."

I'm sorry, but that is bollocks.

Yes, you have acted early, and in a particularly stagnant market, you have done well to bring in Cabaye, Ba and Marveaux this early on. Much of the £35m remains to be spent, even if you spin it to include agent fees, sign on fees, wages, training ground improvements, giving the tea lady a pay rise and so on, but that's to discuss elsewhere.

You got the players you wanted? Really?

Cabaye is the only incoming player who commanded a transfer fee. Pardew has claimed that Graham Carr watched him plenty of times, and he himself watched him a few times too. And with the way Cabaye told his Lille team mates after the final game of their season that he was off to the Toon, it seems pretty acceptable that Cabaye was a long term target for us and we've been after him for some time. He was clearly a priority.

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